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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
  -  Prescriptions
  -  Controlled prescriptions
  -  Doctor's office medications
  -  OTC medications

PK Software's Suite of Compounding Products

PK Software offers a complete software solution for running a compounding pharmacy. We combine 21 years of compounding software experience with our work among industry leaders and thousands of compounding pharmacists to create the ideal compounding software for your business.

The Compounder Rx©

The Compounder Rx is designed from the ground up to be the only software that a compounding pharmacy will need. It tracks: patients, prescriptions, Rx's on hold, partial fills, clinical drug screening, patient counseling, formulas, logs, chemicals, wholesalers, doctors, marketing plans, online billing, accounting, quality assurance, Rx validations, compounding information, etc. The Compounder Rx is the most complete compounding software available today!

  • The Compounder Rx is flexible, scalable and will grow with your pharmacy.
  • The Compounder Rx will help you fill prescriptions more quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • The Compounder Rx will save time and money by managing inventory levels and updating your prescription pricing information.
  • The Compounder Rx will enable you to spend more time with your patients by streamlining prescription fulfillment and eliminating time wasted on administrative and computer maintenance activities.

The Compounder Lab©

The Compounder Lab can help compounding pharmacies manage formulas, logs, sterility and batch testing, chemicals, patients, wholesalers and many other important items related to compounding! The Compounder Lab follows USP, NCPDP and FDA guidelines and recommendations for compounding, labeling and reporting for compounded products including sterile products. The Compounder Lab is a professional compounding program designed for Microsoft Windows.

Offsite Backup

One of the services we offer is an automatic off-site backup to our secure FTP servers. This makes it extremely easy to backup your data safely and keep it off-site. Your database is checked for any errors, backed up, compressed, encrypted and stored on our secure FTP server. Each morning you will receive a confirmation email with the status of your backup. This backup method helps in maintaining your pharmacy's HIPAA security compliance.

Data Conversion Services

Converting and migrating your vital pharmacy data, patient records, drug/formulation records, insurance information, prescription history, sig records and other data is extremely important and must be done by data engineers who understand the importance and critical nature of data conversions.


Accounts Receivable - Free with The Compounder Rx

QuickBooks Financial

When used in conjunction with The Compounder's Accounts Receivable module, the QuickBooks module can quickly create the following items in QuickBooks:

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Credits
  • Debits

Your pharmacy system will be integrated with QuickBooks Pro or higher.

Online Billing

When integrated with The Compounder Rx you will be able to bill prescriptions to third party insurances. The system also keeps track of what was billed in a reconciliation file. There are several reconciliation reports that you may print or export to Excel.

Clinical Module - Dispense Brands, Generics & Compounds:  Clinical Checks

Adds Brands & Generics drugs plus the ability to do clinical checks.  With the clinical module you can setup your pharmacy to be OBRA 90 compliant even for your COMPOUNDED products. The software can check for drug-drug interactions, drug contraindications, drug-allergies, etc. at the drug and the ingredient level.

Paladin POS (integration)

PK Software Inc. has partnered with Paladin Data Corporation to integrate The Compounder Rx with Paladin's Point of Sale (POS) system. Paladin is a great choice for compounding pharmacies because it provides a low risk business model that helps to increase front-end profits and back-office efficiencies.

TeleManager (integration)

PK Software has interfaced The Compounder Rx with TeleManager's IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system. This allows for patients to call and request refills directly over the phone.