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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
  -  Prescriptions
  -  Controlled prescriptions
  -  Doctor's office medications
  -  OTC medications

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MediSpan Outage
The Compounder is currently experiencing a MediSpan outage. Our Team is working on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. Additional details will be relayed as they are acquired. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
No Support Error in Compounder
Earlier today the PK Software Support team discovered an error that is affecting some of our Compounder users. This error would display a message that the user did not have any active support and could not use the function they were trying to access. If you received this message, please contact PK Software support via phone at 800-331-2498 or by email to pksupport@pccarx.com for the fix to be applied to remove this error message. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have causes anyone.
Version is now available.
PMP Clearinghouse SFTP ASAP Issue
Earlier this week PK Software discovered that PMP Clearinghouse had a sftp connection issues when trying to process your ASAP reports. As of late yesterday afternoon, PMP Clearinghouse has fixed some of the sftp connection issues on their side, but they are still seeing some pharmacies having continued issues. If you are experiencing connection issues when trying to send your ASAP reports through sftp, please contact PK Software Support and we can open a unique case for your pharmacy with PMP Clearinghouse. Also, we have confirmed that sending the report via the PMP Clearinghouse website has worked for any pharmacies that are experiencing the sftp connection issues. If you need assistance transmitting the report via the website, please contact PK Support and we will help you get these reports ready to transmit via the website.
PCCA experiencing technical issues.
PCCA is currently experiencing a technical outage at it's main Houston headquarters. If you are trying to enter in a PK Software support question and are unable to, please email pksupport@pccarx.com with your PCCA account, contact info and questions. The PK Support team is monitoring this email while PCCA continues to work on resolving the technical issue and restoring normal phone operations. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
PMP Clearinghouse
is currently experiencing FTP issues. Please try your submission later.
Version is now available for download
Claims Processing Issue
Change Healthcare has identified an interruption in normal claim processing and is currently working to resolve this issue.
What you need to know about the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Update effective 5/12/21.
The Board of Pharmacy recently adopted rulemaking affecting the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). Beginning May 12, 2021, all Schedule V (CV) prescriptions will be required to be reported to the Iowa PMP. Common CV prescriptions include promethazine with codeine (Phenergan with Codeine®), atropine/diphenoxylate (Lomotil®) and pregabalin (Lyrica®), among others. The rule change also adds the non-prescription sale of codeine-containing cough suppressants (e.g., Robitussin-AC®), to the list of reportable transactions. For non-prescription reporting to the Iowa PMP, the pharmacy (or pharmacist) should be identified as both the prescriber and dispenser. Note, the rule change does NOT require additional PMP reporting of non-prescription pseudoephedrine-containing products. Non-prescription pseudoephedrine sales must continue to be reported to the electronic pseudoephedrine tracking system (PTS). In The Compounder software you are ability to mark specific chemicals as drugs of interest for specific states. This will allow any formula using this chemical to be included in your ASAP reports for those states selected as a drug of interest. You can mark these chemical by clicking on the "Drug of Interest" button next to the Schedule drop down in the Chemical edit screen. (See image) Then select the appropriate states needed for reporting. If you would like additional assistance with setting the Drug of Interest feature up in your system please contact our PK Software Support team by phone(800.331.2498) or email(pksupport@pccarx.com) and we will be able to help you get setup with this feature.
Beginning May 12, 2021, all Schedule V (CV) prescriptions will be required to be reported to the Iowa PMP