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System Requirements

The Compounder Lab™ is a professional compounding program designed and built upon years of research into what a compounding pharmacy needs to operate and comply with various Federal and State guidelines.

The Compounder Lab™ follows USP, NCPDP and FDA guidelines and recommendations for compounding, labeling and reporting for compounded products including sterile products.

The Compounder Lab™ can help compounding pharmacies manage their quality assurance, quality control, formulas, logs, sterility and batch testing, chemicals, wholesalers and many other important items.

With The Compounder Lab™ you can:

  • Automatically calculate the cost of each ingredient and device used as they are entered. The software can even calculate the cost for your time used to compound the formula!
  • Integrate electronic balances. When this is done with the chemical inventory bar coding system, the software can tell you that
    1. The correct chemical (including lot number, mfg, price, etc.) was used and
    2. The amount of chemical that was weighed. The software even calculates the percent off.
  • Integrate with various scales & bar codes readers.
  • Track each chemical by bar code in the logging system so you know that you have the correct chemical, lot number, expiration date, pricing, etc. The software links to your electronic balance so you can record the weight of each chemical. It tracks sterility processes in your store including beyond use date, in-house lot numbers for sterility testing. If you use an external name you can store information about the lab and the methods used. TOTAL TRACKING FOR LOGS!
  • Reorder chemicals and supplies, send FAX orders and print unlimited reports. (You can also create your own reports with the built in report writer.) The program allows for technical information (I.e. solubility's, pH, mw, etc.) Calculate the chemical amounts to vary the formula yield. I.e. if your formula is for #20 and you want to make #33, the program will do the calculations for you. You can also adjust batch yields. I.e. you need to make 30gm to dispense but because of a 5% loss you need to make 5% more. The system will automatically track all of this!
  • Print labels for all of your compounded items. The program will automatically assign a lot number. You can print various reports for your logged-formulas. You can use the pre-defined labels or create your own customized (fonts, colors, size, fields, etc) batch labels! The labels work with Avery labels, Dymo thermal printers and Zebra bar code printers.
  • Adjust batch yield to account for waste.
  • Audit capabilities. Know when a log was created and last edited.
  • Finalize a log so that it cannot be changed.
  • Link logs to an external pharmacy system by Rx Number.

With The Compounder Lab™ you can track:

  • Price quotes
  • Formulas
  • Logs
  • Chemicals
  • Inventory
  • Wholesalers
  • Doctor Lists
  • Integration with several balance models for quality assurance
  • Built in Bar coding technology (for quality assurance)

PK Software’s exclusive relationship with PCCA allows added functionality:

  • Search/View/Download of PCCA Formulas directly into the software
  • Quick addition of PCCA Chemicals by scanning your PCCA Pack List

With The Compounder Lab™ your data is safe:

  • A security system where the System administrator sets up the various users and their privileges. You can go back & see who changed what by using their user name & password. Your data is fully protected!. Sleep comfortably at night knowing your data is safe by using PK Software's offsite backup.

There's so much to The Compounder Lab™ that it's hard to call it all out.... but here's some more:

  • Log a formula that has been compounded in just a few simple steps, at which time a lot number (of your choice) will be assigned for you.
  • Unlimited number of pricing codes for ingredients and devices. Can be as simple or complex as you like!
  • We have over 800 users currently using the Lab system. Call us or e-mail us for references! We are here for you! Email or Phone technical support available.
  • Multi-user licenses available.