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With an eye for detail and safety the developers at PK Software have worked with the industry leaders in compounding to provide you a best in class software package: The Compounder Rx.

PK Software Inc. is lead by Paul Klomp RPh., a pharmacist of more than 20 years who had a vision of technology assisting the compounding pharmacy of the future.  From a humble beginning, the development and support staff strive every day to make The Compounder Rx the first choice among pharmacists.

The Compounder Rx has all of the functionality of The Compounder Lab and adds more to it.

Available features include but are not limited to:

  1. Tracking patients
  2. Rx filling and clinical checks (Even on compounds down to the chemical level)
  3. Customized Rx labels (syringe labels, large labels, any size you want)
  4. Tracking Doctors and marketing plans
  5. Online billing
  6. Patient follow-up system
  7. Doctor follow-up system
  8. Accounting, QuickBooks integration
  9. Logging compounds
  10. Lot number tracking
  11. Integrate with various scales & bar code readers.
  12. High quality Rx & syringe labels via the Epson Secure Color printers.
  13. UPS and FedEx shipping integration
  14. Patient counseling
  15. Compound QA system
  16. Hundreds of pre-programmed reports
  17. Automated controlled substance reporting
  18. Document management
  19. Many, many other features, just too many to mention

As an example, our patient profile page within the software contains 12 tabs of different data that can be tracked on a patient. There are auditing capabilities that allow you to know who made changes to a patient profile.  Document management allows you to attach test results or special doctor orders to a profile as well as track all consultations with a given patient.

The Compounder Rx is flexible, scalable and will grow with your pharmacy. The Compounder uses an enterprise class SQL database which offers excellent concurrency and high performance.

The Compounder Rx will help you fill prescriptions more quickly, efficiently and safely.

The Compounder Rx will save time and money by managing inventory levels and updating your prescription pricing information.

The Compounder Rx will enable you to spend more time with your patients by streamlining prescription fulfillment and eliminating time wasted on administrative and computer maintenance activities.

We have created full detailed manuals for the software.

After you purchase the software you may view or download the Users Guide, Tutorials, Getting Started and Reference Guides that come with the software.  There are more than 1800 pages of documentation to help you with every detail of using the software.  If that is not enough the support staff are regularly trained in new features and enhancements to provide our customers with a world-class level of support.