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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
  -  Prescriptions
  -  Controlled prescriptions
  -  Doctor's office medications
  -  OTC medications
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QuickBooks Financial (integration)

You will need to purchase QuickBooks separately - a license for QuickBooks is not included with your QuickBooks Financial Integration purchase.

If you use QuickBooks to manage the finances for your compounding business; you can use the QuickBooks module in conjunction with The Compounder Rx to help you quickly create the following items in QuickBooks:

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Credits
  • Debits

Your pharmacy system can be integrated with QuickBooks Pro or higher.

At the end of filling a prescription, you are able to create an invoice. The invoice may contain a single prescription item or multiple prescriptions. You can also manually create an invoice and manually add line items. Once you are satisfied with the invoice, simply press the SEND to QUICKBOOKS button and the invoice will be placed in QuickBooks.

There are multiple reports that can be used to show what was sent to QuickBooks and what has not been sent.

All terminals on the network will be able to connect to QuickBooks.

With an extremely flexible setup, you can have QuickBooks installed on the same server as the server for The Compounder or on a separate server. The choice is yours!

We've built in several secure features and audits in the integration. If QuickBooks is temporarily not available, the data will be stored in the PK software accounting system and then transferred to QuickBooks when it's available again.

With this transparent and real-time interface, entering an invoice couldn't be any easier!

Integration notes:

This add-in module for The Compounder requires that you have a copy of QuickBooks running on your network. The price of this module does not include QuickBooks.  The Compounder will use one license from QuickBooks, so it is highly recommended that you purchase an extra user license from QuickBooks specifically for The Compounder. This way both you and The Compounder can use QuickBooks at the same time.


Secure XML technology is used.

The Quickbooks module uses IBiz technology from nsoftware.

The integration module runs everything on a background thread and will not slow down the computer.