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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
  -  Prescriptions
  -  Controlled prescriptions
  -  Doctor's office medications
  -  OTC medications

 Feature List

For years Compounding pharmacies have depended on The Compounder Rx to help them run their business and serve their customers. We've tried to call out a little bit of what The Compounder Rx can do - but after so many years, we've simply built the most comprehensive software available for Compounding pharmacies.

With The Compounder Rx you can track:

  • Your compounded Rxs: what was prescribed and dispensed.
  • The specific batch (by the lot number) dispensed to each patient, and the lot numbers of each chemical used in that specific batch.
  • Rx image. Scan the prescription and keep the image with the prescription record.
  • Rx on hold / Rx's not filled
  • Partial fills
  • Transfers
  • Rx notes
  • Triplicate ID's
  • Price quotes
  • Refill reminders (lists and mailing labels)
  • Formulas
  • Logs
  • Chemicals
  • Inventory
  • Wholesalers
  • Patient Lists
  • Doctor Lists
  • Tips of the Day
  • ASAP controlled substance reporting
  • Mailing Lists (patients and doctors)
  • Labels with mail merge
  • Faxes and email lists
  • Cyclic filling
  • Gross profit margins
  • Integration with several balance models for quality assurance
  • Bar coding for quality assurance & Rx management
  • Patient history at a glance including allergies and disease states
  • S.O.A.P notes and counseling records/invoices
  • clinical drug screening while filling a prescription (required in most states)
  • IACP, UCF, worker's compensation, Florida's WC, major medical billing systems and several other claim systems.
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable module.
  • Predefined Rx labels styles designed for the compounding pharmacy, but if these are not enough, you can design your own labels. You select font, size, color, logos, etc. You have complete control! You can also send your labels & requirements to us & we can design them for you!

With The Compounder Rx your data is safe:

  • A tri-level security system, where the System administrator sets up the various users and their privileges. You can go back & see who changed what by using their user name & password. Your data is fully protected! Patients profile includes credit card information and shipping information. Sleep comfortably at night knowing your data is safe by using PK Software's Offsite Backup

Reporting is a breeze with The Compounder Rx

  • Print reports to the printer, Excel files, PDF files, XML, HTML, Text, etc.
  • Marketing reports
  • Unlimited reports to choose from, so your needs are covered (Over 300 basic reports come with the system).
  • Most of the 300 reports can be filtered at run time.  This gives you the ability to narrow your search parameters and retrieve only the data you want.
  • You can even design your own reports, mailing labels, marketing labels , etc. with the included report maker.
  • You can do a report from the patient's profile of previous charges.

There's several modules that can be added to The Compounder Rx

There's so much to The Compounder that it's hard to call it all out.... but here's some more:

  • Includes nearly 300 generalized formulas. Use as templates to add your own specialized formulas. Formulas allow for formulas within formulas (unlimited amount).   More formulations are available upon request.
  • Preloaded with over 7000 items. Updates via the Internet.
  • Log a formula that has been compounded in just a few simple steps, at which time a lot number (of your choice) will be assigned for you.
  • Unlimited number of pricing codes for ingredients and devices. Can be as simple or complex as you like!
  • HIPAA statement
  • Fully customizable program. Setup your own tool bars, Place them anywhere on the screen. You can even have it behave/look like Microsoft's Internet Explorer! Set your own colors, line in grid, etc! If you want us to do something you like, just let us know. The chances are pretty good that the other users would like the same feature! The program is updated every month with new features. You can download the updates right from this website!!! It's ready for commercial use!
  • We have over 800 users currently using the Rx system. Call us or e-mail us for references! Some of the stores are doing over 500 compounds per day!
  • E-mail technical support available.
  • Multi-user licenses available.