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Dispensing Interface

This module allows The Compounder Lab 4 to interface with another dispensing system. Currently, we have interfaces available for four dispensing systems: SpeedScript, PioneerRx, ComputerRx and Rx30.

If you are looking at another dispensing system, we have documentation available for the interface that the dispensing system provider can use to write their part of the interface. (Note: there may be a cost from both PK Software and the other pharmacy system in programming this interface.

The interface sends data from The Compounder Lab 4 to the other dispensing system and the other dispensing system sends data back to The Compounder.

When a log is made, the interface sends log information such as Drug name, strength, form, schedule, NDC, cost, AWP, lot number, quantity made to the other system. The dispensing system then uses the data to add a drug or add inventory to be displayed to the user.

When a drug is dispensed from the dispensing system, it sends data back to The Compounder Lab to adjust inventory.

There is also an initial setup program that can send your log data between two dates to the dispensing system. This is useful for when you first start using the interface.


Setup Information:

In order to setup this interface, we need to schedule a time between the pharmacy, PK Software and the other dispensing system. PK Software will need the IP address of their server. Generally we will open a port on the firewall (3060, 3070) for the data communications. The dispensing system, will need to know the IP address of The Compounder data server.

Since this involves setup between PK Software, the dispensing system and the pharmacy.  This must be scheduled first.  Please schedule ahead. 

Please contact us if you would like more information on this module.