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Why Buy from PK Software?

The money you spend to help you run your business as a compounding pharmacy should do just that: Help you run your business. Why buy The Compounder from PK Software? The answers are simple...

  • Reason #1: The Compounder is a quality product.
  • Reason #2: The Compounder is a proven system.
  • Reason #3: PK Software Corporation is a solid reputable company.
  • Reason #4: PK Software costs less to own.

The Compounder is a quality product:

The Compounder software has been designed and architected by compounding pharmacists that fully understand compounding pharmacies needs and demands. The software itself has been constructed using a very powerful and proven "data-centric", "object oriented" development tool. We use a combination of client/server tools and our own web services to deliver a powerful program. A combination of a great design and a proven development platform create the most solid foundation any software product can have. Feature for feature, we offer as much, and in many cases more, functionality and capability than other products on the market. Many vendors go to great lengths and expense to create a "hype" and perception of "superiority" regarding their products. If the product is good, it will speak for itself. The Compounder speaks for itself.

The Compounder is a proven system:

Let's face it, we are not perfect, but nobody (or software program) is! The idea that "larger" or higher priced systems are somehow better, is simply a myth perpetuated by those people and companies who financially benefit from that myth. The fact is The Compounder is a simple to use and powerful system that works! The product has evolved and improved over time thanks to great suggestions from the compounding community. The product has been licensed by, and is used daily by hundreds of compounding pharmacies across the country. Very few vendors can make such a claim, so we must be doing something right! While we are not the perfect solution for everyone, our goal is to become the most widely used and feature rich product on the market at any price.

PK Software is a solid and reputable company:

PK Software is a small company but that is a good thing, because we know it! Established in 1989, providing software for compounding pharmacies is what we do, and that is all we do. Over the years a lot of lip service has been given to the notion that doing business with a small company is risky and doing business with a big company is "safe". This is simply another myth and misconception.

The Compounder costs less to own:

The cost of buying or licensing software is only one consideration. The more important question is what will it cost you to own and use it over time? The problem is "When is Free not Free?". Most vendors charge 40% to 60% of the product license fee on an annual basis for product support. In some cases that support does not include software updates. Multiply your anticipated support fees out over several years, and see if the "good deal", really is.

PK Software is committed to having a reasonable annual support cost. This applies to not only the relative percentage of the license fee charged, but the lowest in terms of REAL ($$$) dollars. Obviously the lower the license cost, the lower that annual support fee will be in real dollars given the same relative percentage.

How can we do that? We can offer low cost of ownership for the same reason we offer a low license cost. We have no debt and we maintain low overhead costs. We also "care" about trying to offer a great product at a very affordable price so that all pharmacies large and small can get a powerful and reliable system with great functionality without getting "ripped-off". Even the smallest compounding pharmacies with the smallest of budgets have a place to go to get a quality product that they can afford.