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Transitioning to The Compounder

Changing comfortable worn shoes to brand new shoes can be uncomfortable, if not painful. The key is being properly prepared. This same concept applies to pharmacy software. The following items are things you should take into consideration before purchasing and implementing The Compounder.

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive.

Item addressed Yes                No
Does your hardware meet current PK Software specifications?  
Do you have Internet access on the computer that will run The Compounder? This is needed to download Price Updates. It also is needed for software support and downloading formulas from PCCA.
Do you have a Windows compatible printer(s) installed on the computer that will run The Compounder software?  
Do you plan to integrate the Ohaus Explorer or Voyager Balance with PK Software? You will need to purchase Data Cable (Serial) PK Software (Ohaus Explorer/Voyager Only) and setup the balance and software for integration. This replaces the balance printer.  
Do you plan to scan barcodes for Quality Assurance integration? You need to purchase PK Software Scanner USB (PCCA #35-3221) – one barcode reader per PK computer terminal. You also will need a Dymo LabelWriter 400 or 400 Turbo for Windows. The Dymo LabelWriter may be purchased from most office supply stores or online.  
Do you plan to print custom batch labels? You will need a Dymo LabelWriter 400 or 400 Turbo for Windows.  
Are you considering data conversion from another software? Contact PK Software Support at 800-331-2498. There is a fee for these services.  
Do you plan to bill insurances online? You will need to purchase the online billing module.  
Do you plan to invoice in-house charge accounts from PK Software? Setup of A/R  
Do you plan to invoice from QuickBooks? You will need to purchase the QuickBooks Integration License. Setup of QuickBooks and PK involved. Call 800-331-2498.
Do you plan to integrate credit card billing? You will need to purchase the Credit Card Module. Call 800-331-2498.
Do you need to purchase additional network licenses for PK Software? Call 800-331-2498.
Do you want the offsite backup?  
If you want to network PK, do you have working PK-approved network in your pharmacy setup by a certified network technician?
Do you have a compatible backup hardware/software? Required by HIPAA. NOTE: You can sign up for PK Software’s offsite backup system.



Transitioning 'Dispensing Software X' to The Compounder by PK Software

If you already have an existing compounding practice and dispense many compounds on a daily basis, you will want to focus on just a few formulations, the chemical inventory for those formulations and pricing considerations for the formulas. You will inventory, log (compound), and dispense just those formulations out of PK Software. The key to a happy transition is to not overwhelm yourself or staff by going live before you are ready. Once you are well versed with the ins and outs of PK Software you can gradually add more formulations until you are doing everything out of PK Software. The following list is just one way in which you can transition your practice into PK Software. This list is by no means inclusive of everything that you need to do or may want to do with the software. The PK support team can assist you with 'how to' questions.

1. Determine a set number of formulas that you want to work with in PK Software.

2. Determine your pricing structure for your formulations and add them to the software. (CPM users will use the pricing codes from a file for CPM clients.)

3. Create patient advisory leaflets for your formulas.

4. Run a current PCCA price update.

5. Add the chemical inventory for the chemicals of the selected formulas.

6. Download or manually add the formulas into PK Software. Sub-formulas are formulas that are used as ingredients in another formula. Sub-formulas must be added before the primary formula and selected as an ingredient to be used in another formula. The formula entry screens contain more data fields than what is required. Some of the fields are required to save the formula in the software; others are data fields that you will need to log and/or dispense the prescription; and there are fields that contain data that you will want to glean from the reporting features of the software. At a minimum, the formula should include: name, strength, form, flavor, schedule, time to make, therapeutic class, days to expire, amount that the formula makes, the unit descriptor of the formula, each individual ingredient of the formula, ingredient qty, ingredient unit, set active chemicals and set if the item is QS’d. In addition, you will want to enter complete and thorough instructions for the method of preparation, calculate the ingredient cost from the Ingredient tab, assign a pricing code to the formula, assign warning labels and patient advisory leaflet information.

7. Add doctors

8. Add patients

9. Determine your workflow. Logging prior to dispensing or logging while dispensing or the use of temporary logs with the To-Do system to process and maintain formula inventory.

PK Software is not a 'play and go' software. Databases require data input to maximize the output. This software is capable of handling complex compounding calculations all the while being a highly customizable prescription dispensing software.