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9901 South Wilcrest Dr.
Houston, TX 77099

Support: 800-331-2498
Direct: 281-933-6948
Fax: 800-843-5760


Technical Support Hours:
Mon-Fri 8AM - 7PM CST

About PCCA PK Software

PCCA PK Software is a small company but that is a good thing, because we know it! Established in 1989, providing software for compounding pharmacies is what we do, and that is all we do.


Our Philosophy

PCCA PK Software, based in Houston, TX has been engaged in the practice of pharmaceutical software development since 1989. The company is a full-service firm providing a broad range of professional software services. Our clients range from independent pharmacies to large hospital pharmacies. Clients of the company are located throughout the world with the majority in the United States.

PK Software, Inc. provides professional compounding software. Our philosophy is to build easy to understand and use, robust pharmacy software that will simplify the management of a pharmacy and at the same time create complete records of pharmacy management items.

We value our reputation for integrity and providing quality software and services to our clients. We believe that reputation is the basis on which we not only provide outstanding professional services to our existing clients but allows us to attract new clients. We believe that communication and technical competence are required to have a successful business relationship and we are committed to that type of relationship with all of our clients.

The fundamentals and foundations of the company have allowed us to experience consistent, significant growth. As a company, we are committed to doing what it takes to serve our clients and provide them with value-added services. That philosophy and commitment permeates throughout the company's personnel.

Mission Statement

Our mission is the empowerment of pharmacists, technicians, consultants, marketers, accountants and other professionals to easily manage pharmacy data.

About the Company

We currently employ four pharmaceutical software engineers. One of the software engineers is a compounding pharmacist but no longer practices in the pharmacy. We have support personnel in Houston, Texas, Sydney, Australia and Ontario, Canada. We have an extensive Beta testing program that 'tests the heck' out of the software! Our headquarters are located in Houston, TX.

PCCA PK Software is an active member of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).